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Did Not Attend Policy

In January 2020:

13 GP appointments were missed, totalling 2 hours 10 minutes wasted appointment time.

22 Practice Nurse/HCA appointments were missed, totalling 5 hours 40 minutes wasted appointment time.

In February 2020:

15 GP appointments were missed, totalling 3 hours 15 minutes wasted appointment time.

19 Practice Nurse/HCA appointments were missed, totalling 5 hours 30 minutes wasted appointment time.

Due to the number of patients failing to attend appointments, it may be that you are not able to see the Doctor on the day that you wish to.

In an attempt to try and resolve this, the practice has developed the following policy.

If you fail to attend appointments without informing us, we will write to you asking if there are any specific problems preventing you from letting us know.

If you repeatedly fail to attend for appointments, you may be removed from the Practice list and have to find an alternative GP Practice.

If you cannot attend your appointments for any reason please let us know as soon as possible, giving at least 24 hours notice. We can then offer the appointment to someone else.

Thank you for your co-operation

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